4 relationship trends that are rising in popularity

The world of relationships is ever-changing. There are many different types of relationships, and no one is better than the other. 

Not to say that you should try all of these with your darling Hobart escorts, but these relationship trends are definitely on the rise and deserve a closer look: 


Polyamory is a relationship style in which people have multiple romantic partners. It’s the opposite of monogamy and can be practiced by those who identify as straight, gay, or bisexual. Polyamory isn’t cheating; it’s simply an alternative way of relating to others that some people find fulfilling.

Polyamory doesn’t mean that you have sex with all your partners at once. Instead, it involves having more than one romantic partner over time, and sometimes even living with them. 

Some poly relationships are open while others are closed. This means that some members of the group may know about each other while others don’t know about each other yet. 

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Open Relationships

Open relationships are a type of relationship in which partners agree to have sexual relations with other people. The idea behind an open relationship is that both parties can explore their sexuality without feeling trapped by the restrictions of monogamy, or at least those imposed by traditional institutions like marriage.

Open relationships are still relatively rare compared with monogamous ones, though this may be changing. 

There are many different types of open relationships. Some couples may allow each other to date outside the relationship while remaining exclusive partners themselves. Others might engage in group sex together but no one else while there are those who might choose not to make any rules at all about how they conduct themselves outside of their primary partnership.


Swinging is when a couple has sex with other couples, or singles, in a group setting. Swingers are not necessarily looking for a relationship, but they do want to have fun.

Swinging can be done in a group setting, or one-on-one. The idea behind swinging is that it’s easier for people who are interested in having an open relationship if there are other couples around who share similar interests and opinions about what kind of sexual activity is appropriate for their relationships.

Consensual Non-Monogamy

This is a relationship dynamic in which two or more partners agree to have sexual relationships with other people. Each partner is aware of the others, but not all are involved with each other at the same time. Consensual non-monogamy involves trust between everyone involved as well as clear communication about what’s okay and what isn’t. 

Often, there will be a primary relationship that involves all partners, and then additional relationships outside of it. The level of commitment between each couple varies depending on how many people are involved and how serious they take it. Some may choose to live together as roommates while others consider themselves married, despite being legally single.

In Conclusion 

Polyamory, open relationships and swinging are all popular relationship options that you might want to consider. Consensual non-monogamy is a good option for people who want their partners to have other sexual partners but don’t want them to be in an exclusive relationship with anyone else.

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